IndieCork Music at the Crane Lane – Monday 5th

Luchador Gigs & IndieCork Present: Luchador Showcase #1

Crane Lane Theatre, Phoenix St. Doors 9:30pm sharp – Free in.

Luchador Gigs debuts the first of its new series of mixed-genre shows, comprised exclusive of independent Cork-based bands and artists across the musical spectrum. As IndieCork presents a wide and varied selection of film, music and media over the course of the festival from the 4th to the 11th, we’re proud to partner with the festival, partake in its musical programme, and mix it up accordingly.

Circuits of Heaven – 10:00pm

Circuits of Heaven pic The clue is in the name; Circuits of Heaven blend angelic, stripped down acoustic and vocal harmonies with refined electronic accompaniment, fusing the synthetic and the organic.

‘Out of Air’, the debut song by lo-fi indie outfit Circuits of Heaven, is released as a free download on September 17th via Inner Chapter Records. See the video for it below.

Caoilin Sherlock – 10:55pm

Caoilian Sherlock is a singer and songwriter well worn through years in rock and roll bands. Making tracks in a solo sense, he is occupying a spacious and altogether tenderer terrain focusing on floating melodies and dry lyricism simply backed with an electric guitar soaked in airy reverb. Following recent shows with Brigid Power Ryce and Ryley Walker, this autumn will see a debut solo release of folk tinged ballads rich in country influences like Jackson Browne, Arthur Lee and Big Star.

As part of The Shaker Hymn and as a soloist, he’s one of the busiest musicians in Cork at the moment, as the former prepares its second album for release in autumn/winter 2015. Off the stage, he’s one-half of eminent promoters Southern Hospitality Board, a co-organiser of the ground-breaking Quarter Block Party, and a co-host/interviewer for The Point of Everything’s podcast. A real renaissance man for the Cork scene.

Intermission & Mike DJ’ing – 11:40pm

Half way through the night there’ll be an intermission with DJ Mike.

Rory O’Brien (Dancing Bears) – 12:15am

DancingBears3Dancing Bears play ‘Irish Primitive’, acoustic trance guitar. Rory O’Brien is better known as guitarist in a Bog-Prog 3-piece Ten Past Seven and Metal Music Therapy group Kawtiks, as well as songwriting under his full name. Dancing Bears uses finger style playing and wordless vocals to create a world that cycles through birth, death and afterlife. For those in the mood for a John Fahey, James Blackshaw and Dylan Carlson (Earth) kind of vibe.

Ealadha – 1:15am

Although a relatively new outfit in Cork’s close-knit metal scene, power-trio Ealadha’s sound derives from a vast palate of post-rock, metal and alternative influences, melding them seamlessly in a dreamy sonic vista that sees musical ideas breathe and given space to explore. Debut single ‘Dive’ is the band’s mission statement in one song: strident yet ethereal, the band evokes an excursion to the depths of the ocean, with gentle and almost overawed guitar work laid over a rhythm section that recognises and honours the power of loud/quiet dynamics. New material is currently in the writing and recording.

Check out Ealadha playing live in Fred Zeppelins (Buckfest) on June Bank Holiday weekend 2014 for a taster.

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