IndieCork Music at the Crane Lane – Tuesday 6th

CineCeoill #1 (Cork Music Videos) – 9:30pm

Venues’n’Videos n’ One Take Wonders – Ronan Leonard presents a selection of music videos made by contemporary Cork independent bands and film makers, mostly using various Cork locations.

The mainstream media spotlight on Feel Good Lost’s breakthrough success with the video they made for Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’ video, the video made use of local areas and talent (in front and behind the camera), this programme is a mixtape of sorts of contemporary Cork bands with each video recorded in Venues that contribute to the local scene and industry, on a future-table-quiz-nugget the main actors, script contributor and it’s Director of Photography and Director all feature in this selection of clips, as musician and directors

Stevie G & Cristian Underwood – Deep Down South

Recorded and Directed by Brendan Canty & Conal Thompson

Having gone South to start with we go North now to Ballymaloe, where their gorgeous restored Grainstore has held concerts and recitals from a variety of types of acts, this clip is from The Niall McCabe Band ‘Little Love’ single, directed by Dan O’Connell of Egomotion Films.

Ballymaloe is a family run institution now in it’s 4th generation, while the next clip was recorded in Connollys Of Leap, which many musicians considered the best music venue in Ireland, it is in the process of being reopened by Sam McNicoll, the son of Paddy and Eileen McNichol, the original openers of the venue 20 years ago, The Shaker Hymn’s Hunter & The Headsman was directed by Feel Good Lost.

Elastic Sleep’s ‘Leave You’ EP was released on 10 inch record last year and sold out it’s initial run, in keeping with that piece of black vinyl is a predominately black and white clip for it’s title track created by Emmet O’Brien. This video was shot in the TDC, part of the Triskel Christchurch, primarily a space for local theatremakers to work and develop work in 1 and 3 week blocks, it has also served as a setting for many gigs and video shoots, so much so that we follow with another one, this time it’s The Hard Ground’s ‘Two By Two’ (directed by Pat Kiernan).

The local music scene, like most worldwide, does center around bars and clubs, but Mother Jones Flea Market on York Hill has developed it’s own niche, with gigs regularly happening with the even changing background of a thriving flea market, this is ‘Rolling 4 Two’ from the Shookrah, which was directed by Blair Alexander Massie.

Myles O’Reilly and his Arbutus Yarns have brought about a new chapter in Irish music video, gone from making MV chasing clips, the idea of capturing the event has come to the fore, here he caught a performance of Fred playing the Triskel Christchurch. What gives this an extra poignancy is that this performance was from the time when they were deciding to disband (unknown to the audience).

We merge two strands of this programme where we look at both venue being used in videos and ones that are shot in one take. We start with the most recent stage to open in Cork, the public stage on Fitzgerald’s Park, and from a stalwart of the Cork music scene as both a DJ, Journalist, Promoter and advice giver, with the track ‘Deep Down South’ from Stevie G featuring Cristian Underwood (directed by Feel Good Lost). See if you can spot the join in this seemingly one long shot taking some of the most beautiful parkland in the city.

A smoking priest, a volley of shots from some soldier, and a burial at sea all feature in the video for Young Wonder’s ‘To You’ (Directed by Ged Murray)

We end this strand this with a delightful track from John Blek & The Rats ‘Take Me Home’, (Directed by Chris Daker) an artist that has released three fine albums since this one but this video shows how much an opening impression people can make with limited resources and plenty of imagination.

Tokyo Rosenthal – 11:30pm

“Rosenthal can draw you into his lyrics much the same way that James Taylor and Don Henley can”.

“Take Jackson Browne’s personal confessions and wrap them in Kris Kristofferson’s world weary tales of broken relationships and you have an idea of what to expect from Tokyo Rosenthal.”

“This is Americana with real teeth in the lyrics”

This and more is what the critics are saying about Tokyo Rosenthal. But it wasn’t an overnight trip. Hardly, as “Toke” has spanned the music scene for three decades. But it was in 2007 when recognition finally reached him through the recording of his CD, “One Score And Ten”.

His recent festival work includes SXSW, The Edmonton Fringe Festival, The Carrboro Music Festival, Tyler’s Americana Festival, and the World Music United Festival.

In 2008 Rosenthal released a new CD entitled “Love Won Out” that featured the single “St. Patrick’s Day”, to critical acclaim. This CD broke Tokyo into the Americana charts. In August of that same year he toured Japan and debuted in The Netherlands in October. That November Toke was back in New York City followed by Woodstock and Boston and then made a “Heartland” tour from North Carolina to Texas and back, headlining along the way at the World Music United Festival in San Marcos.

Always writing and always gigging, his musical journey continues.

One Horse Pony (& Festival Club) – 12:00am ’til late

One Horse Pony is a hard driving acoustic blues band based in Cork on the south coast of Ireland, featuring musicians from Ireland, France and the United States. Their unique line-up of guitars, harmonica, cello, bodhran and low whistle inspires their fresh take on the blues, while their original material and energetic live performances have won them fans all over the world and made them staples on the local festival circuit. OHP combine superb musicianship, five-piece harmonies and fire ‘n’ brimstone lyrics with an uncompromising drive to deliver their signature fusion of acoustic blues, Irish trad. and classical styles.

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