IndieCork Music at the Crane Lane – Wednesday 7th

Ping Pong Presents:

Underling – 9pm

Underling is a solo performer whose carefully crafted electronic
audio-visual works recall early warp productions.

Crevice – 10:30pm

“So, I saw this band in the woods once – they were great – so you just have to take my word for it…

Irene Buckley, Elaine Howley, and Roslyn Steer present ‘Crevice’, a collaborative exploration in sound. An improvisatory approach to song-writing provides plenty of opportunity for experimentation as electronic sounds and voices weave different worlds. Music to get lost in. When not playing in the woods, members of Crevice can be found making music all over the place. Visuals provided by Eoin Heaney.

Harry J and the Cons (& Festival Club) – 12:00am ’til late)

Harry J has one of the most distinctive and enjoyable voices of his generation. Playing a set of original lovers reggae with a laid back trio, the temptation to dance is infectiously hypnotic. As the night progresses the intensity of the set follows fusing elements of dub, dance and Caribbean flavours.

Vox: Harry J
Guitar/keys/vox: Rory McGovern
Bass/keys/vox: Alan Pentony
Drums: Dan Walsh

…Who are Ping Pong?

What: DIY Music Promotion.
Where: Cork.
Who: Albert, Niall & Shane.

Anything Else?

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