What makes a festival a festival?

For IndieCork, the answer is simple, it’s a place to gather, drink coffee, watch films and experience enlightening workshops and attend live music performances.
And with an added air of collaboration and a supportive vibe, it’s accomplished exactly that.

“For our fifth year we have tried to put together a programme that is truly special,” said Cormac Daly, coordinator of this year’s IndieCork Music programme. “With a particular emphasis on highlighting the incredible artists we already have in the community, and encouraging collaboration and experimentation across the board.”

Developed under the IndieCork Film Festival banner, the music programme provides audiences with an outlet to discover some of Cork’s experimental and vibrant music scene. From photographic documentation set to live improvised soundtracks and ambient stereo field recordings mixed with found sounds to a yodeling cowboy from Colorado and Irish hip hop, the programme highlights the unique art Cork is famous for and gives a stage to emerging trends in the area.
For artists like Dan Breen, vocalist with Cork’s veteran alt-rock band, Hope Is Noise, IndieCork provides musicians with a space to showcase their talent and skills to new audiences.

“As a band, we have always operated with a DIY ethos, making music for the love and enjoyment of it. This is the vibe that we get from the organisers and participants of the IndieCork Film Festival,” he said. The band will premiere “Head in the Clouds: The Hope is Noise Story” documentary of their 20 years together and play a live set of career highlights at the festival. “Having a documentary at the festival makes it very personal and exciting for us and we hope people will enjoy the fruits of the hard work by Gobstar Film and others in getting here.”

IndieCork Film Festival is an eight-day festival offering filmmakers and artists a space to share their art with Cork audiences while providing them with opportunities to advance their work through talks and workshops. This year’s gigs will take place the 11 – 14th of October, at three venues across Cork City: Spailpin Fanach, The Blacknight Festival Centre in the Village Hall and The Poor Relation.

“The ethos of this festival is shedding light on the amazing artists that are in the community and promoting them,” Daly said. “If you come to it with an open mind, then you’ll get something out of every aspect of it.”

For more information on purchasing tickets, visit the Buy Tickets page or find us on Facebook and Twitter. All performances are €5, except for the gig by Gary McMahan, which is free.

IndieCork Music timetable

Saturday October 7th / Spailpin Fanach
9pm Cosmonaut presents Wild Rocket

Wednesday October 11 / Blacknight Festival Centre
7pm TANK – experimental showcase
Alan Massey / The Purple Room / Stoa: The Show

Thursday October 12th / The Poor Relation
7pm Cineceoil – Irish Music Videos
9pm Hope Is Noise – Film and Performance

Friday October 13th / Blacknight Festival Centre
7pm Gary McMahan
9pm Hip Hop

Saturday October 14th / Blacknight Festival Centre
8pm Declan Sinott + Bhailiu