We know that times are strange, but when did this ever stop independent filmmakers from expressing themselves? And so, to respond to the hardships of lockdown and to the uncertainty of a post-lockdown future, we thought we’d encourage a creative response…

In the spirit of the legendary Dogme 95, IndieCork now launch The Vow of Quarantine, a short film project with a difference.

We challenge filmmakers of IndieCork past, present and future, to create a short film bound to the quarantine conditions. Films should be of no longer than three minutes duration. Selected films that adhere to The Vow of Quarantine will be shown at IndieCork 2020.

Deadline for submissions June 21st, 2020

The Vow of Quarantine Rules:

Rule 1: Shooting must be done within the home.
Rule 2: If you can squeeze a genre piece into three minutes – we’ll watch it.
Rule 3: Use any equipment you have at your disposal (all forms of camera are acceptable).
Rule 4: Sound will require some consideration, but pre-recorded sounds or music should be used in accordance with copyright law.
Rule 5: The film can be in black and white, but colour is also welcome.
Rule 6: Book shelf backdrops are forbidden, themed quizzes are strictly frowned upon (Some quarantine trends should be immediately disposed of!!). However pets are encouraged, although not essential!
Rule 7: The film must not contain superficial action.
Rule 8: The film must play out in the weirdness of the here and now (Lock Down, baby!).
Rule 9: Filming must adhere to the limits and quarantine guidelines specific to your local, regional or national context.
Rule 10: We want your brooding, existential, languid, sanguine or humorous takes on isolation and the emergence of a post-lockdown future.

Thus, I make my Vow of Quarantine.      Signed:    ______________________


Entering your film confirms the following smallprint:

  • All material must be the original work of the entrant
  • Only one submission per entrant please
  • All persons depicted in the work must have given permission to be included
  • Work must be submitted in either .mov or .MP4 formats and emailed to info@indiecork.com by 11.30pm on June 21st 2020