IndieMusic 2017

Here is the Music listings for the IndieCork 2017 Festival!

Saturday October 7th / Spailpin Fanach

9pm Cosmonaut presents Wild Rocket

Wednesday October 11 / Blacknight Festival Centre

IndieCork is proud to offer a glimpse into Cork’s fertile experimental and sound art scene. The rebel city has a reputation for appreciating outsider musics of all kinds and tonight’s programme presents an unpredictable mix of new and established local artists.

7pm TANK – experimental showcase

Alan Massey / The Purple Room / Stoa: The Show

Alan Massey
Alan Massey is a sound artist and Ambient producer from Newcastle west in county limerick. Exploring the intersection between digital and analog technologies, his productions have a raw and ethereal quality. He combines stereo field recordings and found sounds to compose textural pieces that are evocative of forgotten times and landscapes.

The Purple Room
Divided into four chapters, The Purple Room is a photographic documentation of a 9 years personal journey through four different cities and stages in Helio León’s life: Barcelona, Madrid, Istanbul and Cork.

The sequence will be projected along a live improvised soundtrack by Mick O’Shea, Irene Murphy, Patrick Cullen, James Fortune and Helio León.

Stoa: The Show
Featuring: Günther Berkus, Rebecca Chunn, Little Forbes, and Nathan Slattery A miniature music and dance theatre show in anticipation of the movie Stoa by Nathan Slattery, which is currently in the early stages of production.

Visual Performance with Improvised Music against a projected backdrop, mainly of animated abstract Computer Graphics (3-dimensional Fractals), and a surreal low-key xsoundscape.

Thursday October 12th / The Poor Relation

7pm Cineceoil – Irish Music Videos

Cineceoil presents a 60 minute mix of recent and yet to be music videos released by Cork bands and directors. These include the latest from Fast Like Fun, and a premiere of the upcoming single from John Blek. The master of ceremonies is writer, presenter and man with many other hats, Ronan Leonard.

In collaboration with Cineceoil.

9pm Hope Is Noise – Film and Performance

The premiere of documentary feature ‘Head in Clouds: The Hope is Noise Story’, including a Q&A with the director and producers, followed by a live performance from the long-
running Cork alt-rockers.

Since bringing their body of work under the banner of Hope is Noise in late 2004, the Cork four-piece have built a dedicated following, drawn equally to their ability to construct a winning pop tune with seemingly little effort, and their incendiary, hardcore tendencies.

In collaboration with CorkLovesMusic.

Friday October 13th / Blacknight Festival Centre

7pm Gary McMahan

Gary is the real deal. A singing, yodeling cowboy from Greeley, Colorado, he has made his living doing everything from ranching to performing. He can brand, calve, rope, ride broncs, fence, hay, shoe horses, pack, and drive teams, and has won many honors in the rodeo arena. His colourful background has set Gary in good stead to practice his heart’s desire: to write, perform, and record the stories, poems, songs, and humor of his Western heritage, becoming one of the most dynamic and sought-after writers and performers in his field.

Gary’s performance at IndieCork marks the first Irish screening of ‘Everything in the Song is True’ a documentary on his life and music, which is showing on Sunday October 15th at The Gate Cinema at 2pm.

9pm Hip Hop

Screening of ‘The Truth About Irish Hip Hop’ (2017)
(Dir.) Gavin Fitzgerald & Mark Hayes

A short documentary about the rise of Irish Hip Hop and changing attitudes towards the once foreign art form. This short documentary explores the issues surrounding rap music and shows the eclectic mix of artists carrying the genre forward. Would Ireland follow the route of UK Hip Hop, producing world renowned rappers that top the musical rich list.

Featuring Rusangano Family, This Side Up, Mango & MathMan, The Rubberbandits, Fifth Element & Doublescreen, Jafaris, Ophelia MC, Nialler 9 and many more.

Saturday October 14th / Blacknight Festival Centre

8pm Declan Sinott + Bhailiu

Declan Synnott works with a variety of methods based around tape and analogue synthesiser. Rooted in noise and experimental sound, Declan’s live performances are focused on dense, immersive sound, intentionally loose from any strict structural boundary, building a wall of textured noise.

Bhailiú is a Cork based live improvised techno group featuring David Mathúna (Not Earth) on synth and machines, Alex Sampson (Talos) on guitar, Chris Somers (African Fiction) on bass and Josh Sampson (Talos/ooSe) on drums. With pummelling rhythms from the basement and melodies beamed down from the cosmos, the group channel their disparate influences to a unified sonic force to be reckoned with.