Join Us! Why become a member?

IndieCork operates along the lines of a Co-Op, meaning that you will become part of a shared ownership of the festival. Your support goes helps give IndieCork a stability and resource that goes beyond other funding sources, and allows us to operate the festival in a sustainable way.

Since September 18th 2013, IndieCork is a fully registered shareholding company and every member will be issued with a single Share Certificate. This means every member is a part owner of the festival. The benefit of this system is that it establishes collective ownership at its core. Also it reduces the liability of its members to the value of their one share. This is a similar structure to that of the great Cork City Football Club.

Are there added benefits of membership of IndieCork?

The main value of your membership is that you will become a part owner of the festival. However, we also hold occasional member events, and offer a reduction on the festival Season ticket for members.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Annual membership is set at €90, which can be made in one payment or through monthly direct debits of €7.50.

Our membership scheme is operated through the Galway based company Clubforce. To join, you can create your own account on their site, and continue to view the membership plans and purchase at:

If you forget your account login details please contact:

Membership will renew automatically. An email will be sent to you before your renewal goes through.