Opening Night Film 

“The Trouble with Jessica”

The opening night film of the IndieCork Film Festival this year is ‘The Trouble with Jessica.’ It will meet with the audience on December 15th at the Arc Cinema, formerly The Gate, in Cork City, and we’re delighted to welcome writer/director Matt Winn to introduce our Opening Night screening.

Sarah and Tom are a married couple in terrible financial trouble. On the brink of losing everything, they’ve managed to find a buyer for their stylish London home. When their best friends Richard and Beth come round for a final dinner, an uninvited old friend, Jessica tags along.

When I set out to make this film, what I was really interested in was to take a snapshot of the British middle classes at this particular moment in time. I wanted to put them under a microscope and to pick them and their values apart, to record and observe their absurd behaviour and to create a satirical ‘state of the nation’ piece.”

Matt Winn

Special Jury Prize + Audience Award, Dinard Film Festival 2023

A glass of Kinsale Mead is on hand to welcome audience members!