Ronan Phelan Script Award 2014

Award pays homage to late young filmmakerRonanPhelanThe ‘Ronan Phelan Script Award’ is an IndieCork initiative to support new talent in scriptwriting.

The authors  of the shortlisted scripts are invited to pitch their script to a panel of judges and audience during the festival. The winning pitch will be nominated to participate in the Euro Connection Short Film C0-production project of the Clermont Short Film Festival, of which IndieCork is the ‘Irish Desk’.

The award is named in honour of Ronan Phelan who was an award-winning film maker who passed away in 2004 aged 29. He was a pupil of Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh in Bishopstown in Cork and went on to graduate from UCC. Along with a great love for music, he studied film in St John’s Central College where he wrote and directed ‘Gangs of Waterfall’, a widely praised award-winning film that was noted for raising the bar for film-making in Cork. His family are honoured that his spirit will live on with this script award in his name.

This script award is a labour of love for Niall Owens, Committee Member of IndieCork Festival, filmmaker and friend of Ronan Phelan, who said: “Ronan Phelan and I both studied in St Johns. Filmmaking is a tough task but in St John’s all students had a special bond, we all helped and befriended each other. Ronan’s 2001 film ‘The Gangs of Waterfall’ is a great inspiration to me. When I am asked to recommend shorts to watch, ‘Gangs’ is always top of my list, it has a brilliantly executed story arc, funny engaging characters and two fine examples of a hero and a villian. In light of the absence of a Script Writing Award in Cork, I felt the right opportunity had come along to remember and pay tribute to Ronan. With the blessing of the Phelan family and with Ronan watching over us we could fill that void with the ‘The Ronan Phelan Script Award’. This award would help aspiring and experienced film makers to achieve their vision and make their movies.This award will aim to encapsulate all the goodwill and good vibes that we shared in our time together in college, and it will pay tribute to a truly talented film maker, a person who always had a smile and a story not to mention his pants tucked into his socks and whose own creation ‘Gangs of Waterfall’ still makes me laugh today. With this initiative Ronan can continue to be part of film making in Cork for years to come”

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