Rules and Regulations

IndieCork 2021 – Rules & Regulations

N.B. please scroll to end for specific rules for Irish Artist Film graduate competition.

  • The Festival takes place October 3rd to 10th 2021.
  • Regular entry deadline is July 12th 2021.
  • Late entry deadline is August 2nd 2021.

Please read carefully our Rules & Regulations below – this informs you about eligibility requirements and takes you through all stages of entry, selection and screening at IndieCork 2021.

1. Eligibility

For the purposes of the Short Film Competitions only films completed since October 1st 2019 are eligible.

Any screenings in Ireland before IndieCork, must be listed on the entry form, so that we are aware of the screening history of your film.

We welcome short films, documentaries and independent features. All genres are welcome including narrative, animation, expermimental, cameraphone, poetry and dance film.

Films of all lengths are welcome, but for the purposes of the Short Film Competitions, only films of 30 minutes or under are eligible for competition.

2. Preview Screeners

Films may be submitted for pre-selection through online screening formats such as Vimeo.

3. Entry Procedure and Selection

We advise entrants to make the first (cheaper) deadline of July 12. A limited number of entries will be accepted up to August 2nd as late entries.

Selected films will be notified throughout September and you will be asked to provide suitable film images for publication, plus technical information, and confirmation of the screening format.

Screening agreement

When a film is selected we forward a Screening Agreement to the filmmaker or rights holder. This agreement gives your commitment to screen at IndieCork and has a deadline for completion and return. for the reassurance and protection of both filmmaker and festival.

Please note that by entering your film, we take it on your good faith, that you will honour the commitment to screen at our festival. Therefore we do not accept late withdrawal of films from the festival on the basis of other festivals selection or requests, and request all parties to abide by the Screening Agreement.

4. Screening Copies – Physical and Online

Technical requirements will be communicated upon selection.

Films not in the English language must be available with English subtitles.

5. Shipping of physical copies to IndieCork

Screening copies must arrive to our office, either digitally or hard copy in good time.

his is important as all copies must be checked in advance of screening.

The cost of inbound copies of films must be borne by the print source.

Screening copies that are not digital files will be returned to the shipper by IndieCork within three weeks of the screening date.

IndieCork will bear responsibility for outbound shipping only.

6. Promotional Material

Participation at IndieCork implies giving the festival permission to use promotional clips of the material up to 10% of the overall running time. Clips will be used in the context of the promotion of the festival and the film itself only.

7. Charges

We charge modest entry fees but if multiple films are being submitted, e.g. by a film agency or film school, please contact us at so that we can advise on a non-prohibitive rate.

Please note that IndieCork does not pay screening fees for films submitted to us.

If you need clarification on any of the above, please contact us at


Rules and Regulations for: Irish Artist Film graduate entries

* Please note this is only open to Irish filmmakers working in the genre of art film Other types of films and international entries should choose alternative categories.

IndieCork Film Festival and Cork Institute of Technology (CIT Arts Office, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, and CIT Cork School of Music) are excited to announce the third edition of art(ist)FILM – a new partnership between Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and IndieCork Film Festival to present moving image works by student and graduate artists as part of the IndieCork Film Festival in October.

IndieCork Film Festival has become synonymous with the presentation of experimental and interdisciplinary film, music, and visual art. It shares CIT’s strong local and national focus, and emphasis on the development of the individual voice within a community of practice.

art(ist)FILM will offer a platform for screenings and discussion in a variety of contexts and venues. Films are selected through an open application process. By bringing together students, graduates, experienced professionals, and supportive audiences,

art(ist)FILM aims to highlight and foster the artistic and professional development of a new generation working with the moving image.

  1. Entry is open to those who are enrolled in or have graduated from a third level college on the island of Ireland in the last 5 years (since 2016).
  2. Entry fee is €10 for films entered by July 12th 2021 and €15 for late entry by August 2nd 2021. Shortlisting will commence from July 14th, so we encourage entrants to make the first deadline.
  3. Films should be short, a maximum of 20 minutes.
  4. Films completed since April 1st 2019 are eligible.
  5. Selected films will be notified throughout September. We will supply you with technical information on the screening format.
  6. Short-listed films will screen at two semi-finalist screenings at the Rory Gallagher Theatre in CIT. Finalists will screen in a dedicated programme in the Gate Cinema in Cork City. Screenings will take place during IndieCork festival week.
  7. The winning film will be announced on Sunday October 10th at the closing awards of the IndieCork Film Festival.
  8. Films not in the English language must be supplied with English subtitles.
  9. All delivery, format and shipping details are the same as the rules outlined above.
  10. Promotional Material. Participation at IndieCork implies giving the festival permission to use promotional clips of the material up to 10% of the overall running time. Clips will be used in the context of the promotion of the festival and the film itself only.

If you have any queries contact us at

Thank you!