These are difficult times for the Irish filmmaking community, a community we’re proud to be part of.

Filmmaking is interrupted, cinemas are closed, festivals are having to re-think their mission.

At IndieCork we continue to prepare for our 8th edition in October.

Mindful of the challenging circumstances we’re in close contact with our international festival colleagues, working with them so that we may continue to serve our audiences and to serve the filmmakers without whom we would not exist.

Regardless of the circumstances, we retain our commitment to independent film-making and to indie filmmakers.

We will continue to champion young and emerging filmmakers, particularly those in Ireland.

The short film is an art form we’re passionate about and will continue to bring great shorts to appreciative audiences.

IndieCork is proud of the filmmaking community in Cork and we’re developing initiatives to further support that community.

In preparing for our October festival we’re viewing the many hundreds of entries received to date; we’re assembling special programmes; we’re planning training events.

We retain our faith not just in the art of cinema but in the cinema auditorium as the ideal way to experience film.

In this regard we earnestly look forward to the day when The Gate Cinemas Cork,our cinema venue partner, reopen their doors and we see light on screen again.

It’s vital that cinema-going in Cork is re-animated and IndieCork will contribute to this.

We hope you remain creative through these times of great challenges.

It’s not just that IndieCork needs your films. Society needs your films.

Stay safe, in cinema.

The IndieCork Team

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